Saturday, July 12, 2008

Survival Korean

I originally wanted to go to Korea so that I could learn Korean. I've been trying to study for a while, but its hard to teach yourself. Now it seems that since I've been accepted to my job back in April, I've had much less motivation to study Korean. That doesn't make any sense to me, but that's what has happened. I have my language books, dictionaries and the rosetta stone... yet, I have been toooo lazy lately. But, the other day my darling baby cousin (who's not so little anymore) gave me her iPod shuffle, since she has a real iPod now. I've managed to survive 22 years without an mp3 player, and really had no desire for one until the past few weeks. I was origninally thinking that an iPod would be great for podcasts of NPR... since I've kind of turned into an NPR junkie since I started working in the lab. With an mp3 player, I figure I can listen to On Point and All Things Considered while walking to work... yea... I'm a geek.

As I was searching for NPR podcasts, I stumbled across something else, even more useful. Language lesson podcasts. If you go into the podcasts section of the iTunes store, you can find several different choices for studying Korean. I've started using Survival Korean. They have just the basics. Restaurants, phrases getting around. No grammar or anything complex. I guess that's where I need to start at this point, since I'm going to be arriving in about 5 days... scarrryy... haha. They also have PDF files that you can download to accompany the audio lessons from, but I haven't gotten around to trying those yet. Oh well. Everyone else I talk to there doesn't seem to speak much Korean. But anyway. I just had to share my new discovery!

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