Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chile... where oh where to begin??

Today I have returned from my two week voyage to Chile. All I can say is that my friends are incredible and I wish I could have stayed longer. Our friend Oscar let us stay in his house for the entire two weeks of the trip, and his parents and sister were incredibly accommodating to us. I hope that we did not overstay our welcome, staying for so long there, but I really felt like I was at home there. They are all such wonderful people. 
I did so much over the past two weeks that I will probably be posting from now until the day I leave for Korea to get everything up here. Some things to look forward to: Skiing in the Andes Mountains, Cerro San Cristobal, Various Churches, A Korean Experience in Chile, and who knows what else might come out too. 
No more blogging for me tonight... it's sleepy time for me. 

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