Friday, July 11, 2008

A side note to my Korean restaurant in Santiago...

So my friend pointed out to me... that the name of this restaurant is 평 양면 옥- Pyong Yang Muyn Ok.... another way to transliterate this would be P'yongyang.. or in other words the capital of North Korea... I wonder if they are North Koreans that run the restaurant? And if they are... how on god's green earth did they wind up in Chile of all places?

That's just my random thought for the day.


  1. Pyoungyang naeng-myon (cold noodles) is the answer. Like frankfurt sausage or hamburger.

  2. There are a lottt of Koreans in Santiago, and even more Chinese immigrating to Chile. And a lot of Koreans immigrate to S. America in general! It's really interesting to see! (I'm a Chinese American in Santiago right now)

  3. I read that some of the first Korean immigrants in Chile were North Korean soldiers who did not want to repatriate after the armistice was signed. They came to Chile under the auspices of the Red Cross. Later families started coming.

    Since I'm Korean-American and just moved to Chile, I've been trying to find Korean restaurants and markets....thanks for the restaurant recommendation!

  4. Wow, that is very interesting! I had no idea! It sort of makes sense though. Good luck in Chile, it's a great place to live!