Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peggy Pie: Meat Pies and Pie Pies

 Grand Opening day at Peggy Pie, Jongno, Seoul

I wouldn't normally write a review for a chain restaurant, but Peggy Pie just opened up a new branch around the corner from my work place in Jongno and my co-workers and I were so impressed that I just had to write something.

For weeks my co-workers and I have been seeing signs for this Peggy Pie place and the photos and descriptions just looked lovely. Finally, it opened on Tuesday and every one of my co-workers went over there throughout the day to test it out.

Frankly, I'd never had a meat pie and I wasn't so interested in a meat pie, but one co-worker picked up about six different pies (of both meat and sweet varieties) and when I came into the office for the day I got to sample a little of everything. I instantly fell in love with something called a curry chicken pie and decided that that would be my dinner for that evening.

 Chicken Curry Pie, before being devoured

So, I headed over there around dinner time and found the place to be quite busy despite being the first day they had opened.  I ordered my curry chicken pie and found myself a chair.

Chicken Curry Pie, mid-devouring process

Unfortunately, while the pie was delicious, it was also too small. So, without wanting to seem odd for going in alone, ordering one thing and then getting up and ordering another thing (maybe I'm just paranoid), I ordered myself a corned beef sandwich to go. 

 Corned Beef Sandwich: Diet Size

The sandwich was definitely a little Korean style, filled with lots of cabbage, but actually I have come to like cabbage as a sandwich filler, and I didn't mind it. This one was a little expensive for the size (4,900 won), but there are cheaper options... like a chicken curry sandwich.... mmm chicken curry... 

It's also really nice for me that their sandwiches come in two sizes: Regular and Diet. While I wouldn't say that I'm on a 'diet', it's nice to see a restaurant offering smaller sizes rather than bigger sizes... we need some more of that in my home country. 

We also all agreed that we really liked the decor inside. It's got a very hometown America kind of feel to it. And folks who don't speak Korean will he happy to see that their menu is completely in English. I do feel sorry for those folks who don't speak English, though.... 

They have meat pies... 

As with any good bakery, all the goods are displayed in the window so you can be tantalized and tempted to enter the store.

 And roll pies....

 And sweet pies galore!

Peggie pie is expanding and they now have locations all around town. This one is located in Jongno. From exit 15 of Jongno-3-ga station, walk straight to the 4 way intersection (at Burger King). Take a left and walk about 2 minutes and you can't miss the bright blue awning on your left.

Visit their website at: (Korean only)

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