Friday, August 6, 2010

The Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda

In the heart of Phnom Penh, and walking distance from the riverfront area that is so popular with tourists lays the Royal Palace. A large complex of halls, temples and stupas, it makes for a good hour or two visit while you're in Phnom Penh. According to my guide book, it was first established in 1866 when the capital was moved here to Phnom Penh from Oudong. Though, The palace didn't start looking like it's present form until about 1920. The palace uses Khmer and European architectural elements as well as some Thai styles that you may recognize if you've been to Bangkok (though I haven't seen them myself).

Stupa of HM King Ang Duong

Silver Pagoda ( named for the silver tiles on the floor inside)

Chanchhaya Pavilion

Preah Tineang Tevea Vinichhay (Throne Hall)

After wandering around the palace for a while we were making our way out when we came across some music players playing traditional Cambodian Instruments. After they finished their song, they pointed to me and motioned for me to come up to the platform and try to play. I felt kind of stupid, since I'm rather musically inept, but I couldn't let the opportunity slip by. One of the musicians put me in front of a xylophone called a roneat and showed me which three keys to hit over and over for the song. Here's how it turned out:

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