Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ballet Class

No, no, I'm not studying ballet, though I did find a "sports dance" class that I might do next month. "Sports dance" means learning things like the waltz and fox trot and things of that nature. For 38,000 won for 3 days/ week for a whole month, it's definitely worth a try. I could easily spend that much in one night out in Hongdae.

Anyway, this blog is not about sports dance. It's about my preschoolers' weekly ballet class. Every Wednesday I bring my students to the gym at our school and they get a 25 minute ballet lesson by a bilingual ballerina.

The music is unbearably catchy and I find myself singing the songs for days after. The kids love it though. They learn all the basic ballet stuff, and at the end, she always plays some sort of game. This week and last week, the game involved running under a blanket. But, the kids loved it, obviously.

We also have "gym" Monday mornings too. Gym actually means letting the kids run free in the park or in our gym for 25 minutes while we teachers check the homework and chat... or more often, deal with scrapes, bruises and children pushing each other.

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