Saturday, May 23, 2009

Daeriunjon 대리운전

Last night I experienced yet another amazing thing about this country. Daeriunjon (대리운전). What is that? Well, say you have a car and you drank a bit too much and can't drive home yourself. Do you need a designated driver? No! Just call a company and they will send you your very own personal driver to drive you and your car to your home.

The cost is surprisingly cheap too... for a daeriunjon to come to our car in Itaewon and drive us to my apartment which is 10-15 minutes away by car it only cost 15,000 won (approx. $12.00 USD). A cab at that time of night is generally 5-7,000 won. We rode in the comfort of our own backseat while we were chauffeur home.

I think that daeriunjon are typically men, but my boyfriend keeps getting text message spam advertising for "sexy angel" daeriunjon. Their slogan is: Will we treat you like a king? No. We'll treat you like an oppa (boyfriend). 고객을 왕처럼? NO. 오빠처럼 ^^ 섹시1004 대리운전.

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  1. From Hong Dae to SinDang, it costs about 10,000 won by taxi, but the Daeriunjon fee is still 15,000 won.

    From Hong Dae, to TechnoMart, it's 15,00~20,000 won by taxi, but it's still 15,000 won by Daeriunjon!!

    it's great deal. Isn't it??