Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beijing Post 7: Day 2 Kung Fu Show At The Red Theater

Monday evening we made it back just in time to catch our ride to the Kung Fu show that we booked through our hostel. For just 125 rmb/ person (approx. $19.00 USD) the hostel booked us tickets and provided transportation to see a Kung Fu show that is performed every night twice an evening at the Red Theater.

A photo my friend took steathily during the show...
We arrived quite early and found we had quite decent seats. Finally the show started and we had an amazing experience. Amazingly, the entire performance was conducted in English, with the exception of some fo the songs, for which they provided overtitles as a translation. The show told the story of a young boy who was left by his mother to study kung fu, and how he came over his fears and weaknesses to become a great kung fu master. It was not just some exhibition of fighting skills, but a play performed through dance, song and some demonstration of kung fu skills.

Me with some of the young boy performers after the show
One of the many amazing things about this show were the young children performers. Most of them looked only about 8 or 9 years old, but they were able to do the most amazing things with thier bodies.

All the main performers after the show

After the show was complete, there was an opportuinty to pay 20 rmb and go on stage and take a photo with the actors. Asia really is just one giant photo op for natives and forigners alike. I was too cheap to pay to take a photo with the actors, but two of my friends went up and did it. The Chinese have really mastered capitalism you know... Koreans would never dream of charging for something like that... which is why I love Korea so much. :-)

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