Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving day....

Well, today was thanksgiving, though it didn't feel like it... It was really just any other day here. Me and two friends decided to go to Subway before work, because that is one of the few places where you can get a turkey sandwich. Though, frankly, I didn't even enjoy the turkey that much... luckily I got bacon on my sub, which is something that I haven't eaten since coming here. That one slice of bacon that they put in my sandwich was amazing.... Tomorrow morning I will wake up early to call home (it will be Thursday evening at home). Hopefully I'll get to talk to everyone in my family. It's been so long since I've talked to most of them. I do talk to my mom a few times a week usually (thank god for skype). It was too hard to have any sort of celebration today of course with work and all... Tuesday/Thursdays are my long days too... I work 'til 8:40 on those days. So, I just came home and ate my soup. I've been on a homemade soup kick lately.

This weekend a bunch of people from work and some other friends will get together to celebrate the holiday. The tricky part about thanksgiving in Korea is the fact that the vast majority of apartments and homes don't have ovens (what would they cook really? All they eat is soup, kimchi, rice, fish and bulgogi.... if you don't believe me, go ahead and ask your students what they eat. What do you eat for breakfasat? Rice and soup. What do you eat for lunch? Rice and soup and kimchi. What do you eat for dinner? Rice and soup and kimchi and fish). The only way you'll probably find an oven in Korea is if you're living in Haebongchong or some other area with a high concentration of forigners living there. I've seen some stovetops in E-mart that have a small broiler oven sized oven under the range. Still, not big enough to bake anything more than cookies or maybe a steak. Anyway, I digress..... I think we're going to eat some pan fried chicken as the next best alternative. Some people got some packages in the mail with gravy mix and cranberry sauce... so we'll do our best. I still need to think of some food to bring to the party... any suggestions? Maybe an appetizer or dessert that is easy to make with ingredients found in Korea?????

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