Sunday, November 9, 2008

Children's Grand Park

This week's adventure was a trip to Children's Grand Park. This was a rather interesting park, though I'm sure I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had been a small child. This park is quite big, and it has a botanical garden, zoo, amusement park, playgrounds, basketball courts, teaching gardens, and lots of big open areas to run around.

We found this creature in the photo area (I'm in Korea, of course there is a special area designated just for photos)... Yes, the statue is peeing... (teach 'em early). Speaking of men peeing, I saw a man peeing in the street last week around 10 pm on a Tuesday night... Sorry.. that was off topic...

These elephants were one of the first things we saw when we entered the park. We were excited, until we went over and saw that they were chained to the ground. Then we were just sad.

We found this beautiful tiger in the zoo. Unfortunately, what you see of its habitat is about the actual size of his area. The animal's habitats in this zoo were wayy too small. I didn't take a photo of the lion area, which had 2 male lions and 3 females in an area about the same size as this tiger habitat. We didn't stay very long in the zoo... it was too depressing...

We meandered our way around and came across a full amusement park. I don't think that Six Flags has anything to worry about here for competition, but it did have one upside down rollercoaster. We seriously considered riding it, but we have no idea about safety regulations in this country, and we didn't feel like dying. There were plenty of carnival style rides, and we decided to take a ride on the Ferris wheel.

Here's the view from the Ferris wheel. I like the graffiti on the window for some reason... I think it gives my photo more character... or maybe I'm just strange.

We stumbled across these strange creatures in the amusement park. I've always wanted to ride a dog... though... not enough to actually pay money to do it...

To visit Children's Grand Park, take line 7 (olive green line) to Children's Grand Park station, and follow the signs. Amusement park rides are 4,000 won each (or you can pay for a package and do many rides).

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