Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why I didn't go to CDI

Before I got accepted to SLP, I was actually accepted to CDI. I originally accepted this job offer, but I for various reasons, I think that SLP will be a better fit for me.

My understanding of CDI is that it is a good, reliable school, Insofar as that their teachers get paid on time and they are mostly upfront about the expectations from their teachers. The school is regarded by Koreans as being one of the best chains of Hagwons. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, there are quite a few downsides to working at CDI as well.
  • There are two options for housing. An unfurnished (or scantily furnished) apartment and make 2,000,000 won/ month. or make about 2,700,00 won and pay for your own apartment. This has its upside and downside. If you want more control over your apartment, this might actually be appealing, but you will certainly be paying a lot more too.
  • Only 7 days paid vacations (and actually unpaid in certain circumstances). Most schools should offer paid vacations, usually at least 10 days a year (5 days in the summer and 5 in the winter during school breaks)
  • National Health Insurance not offered
  • Many branches of CDI require employees to work on national holidays
  • Video recording of classes
  • Very strict curriculum that allows for little creativity
Of course, as with any franchise, circumstances vary from branch to branch. I have heard good things about many of the locations in Busan, but evidently its difficult for newbies to get a position there, since there are a lot of internal transfers to Busan. For more information about working at CDI in Busan, I would recommend checking out Lee's Korea Blog (link on the side). Its a good blog about Korea in general anyway, even if you don't want to teach at CDI.

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