Saturday, February 2, 2013

Puppies for adoption! (AKA adorable puppy photos)

Hello world! The boyfriend's grandmother's dog had three (female) puppies in mid-December and we're looking for good homes for them.

A good home means:
a) A person with enough space for a dog of any size (the mom is a small/medium sized mixed breed, but the father is unknown, so you should be prepared for the worst).
b) Is either a Korean or foreigner who is permanent in Seoul (too many animals get abandoned by foreigners who find the dog too difficult to bring back home).
c) A foreigner who is capable and willing to take the dog back with them when they leave the country. 
d) A person who has the time to take care of and train a puppy. Read here for more info

We got the mother in a shelter, she was in a tiny cage with at least 6 or 7 other dogs. Animal shelters are not nice places for animals and since there are so many people who get animals and can't keep them here, the shelters are overflowing and often need to put the animals down after a short period of time. If you can't be a good dog owner then please, just enjoy the cute pictures, and please don't send an inquiry.

With that said... on to adorableness and puppies to tantalize you into adoption:

Introducing: Brownie, Squeaky and 물개 (mulkae) with their mother, Makkoli (The best family portrait we could get... puppies move around too much)

 Brownie, Squeaky and 물개 at just 3 days old... They look more like hamsters than dogs

3 day old Brownie

Squeaky, Brownie and 물개, after 2 weeks... still not walking yet, but looking more dog-like

물개... does mean seal. We named her after this photo... 

물개 and Brownie

 Three peas in a pod... or dogs in box.. or whatever...



 Squeaky... maybe??

 Sisters portrait at 3 weeks.... they're starting to walk... or more like shuffle... very well

 Brownie and Squeeky now at 5 weeks... eating real food, oh my! 



 Squeaky eating puppy food

 물개 looking happy

 Mother-daughter love

 Sisterly love??

So, if anyone has been tempted to adopt these cuties or know of anyone who might be interested, feel free to contact me at smileyjkl(at)hotmail(dot)com to discuss details. And, before contacting me, first, of course, decide if you fit the criteria at the beginning of this email.  They are, of course, free... but you will need to spay them, and if you live in Seoul, you will need to register them. They were born on Dec. 13th.  Grandmother lives in Yangsuri in Gyeonggido, but we could also bring the dogs to Seoul for adoption.

For more information about keeping a dog in Korea, please see this website:

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  1. I see quite a few people have shared this on facebook, but I've gotten no inquiries yet. I really hope we can find homes for these guys because his grandmother was asked by the owner of a dog meat restaurant if she could take them off her hands. I wish it were a joke, but it's not... I don't want anyone eating these guys!!