Monday, December 3, 2012

Chang Su Rin: Thai Food Take-Out

Outside the Restaurant

Thai restaurants in Seoul tend to be pricey sort of restaurants that would be nice for a date, however if you just want to grab some Thai food and eat in front of your TV at home it's not always so easy. Fortunately, Chang Su Rin: Thai Take-Out has opened to fulfill all your Thai food cravings.

English Menu, don't forget to ask about the daily lunch specials

The menu, while not huge, has everything you could want from curries to noodles to fried rice... and of course, you can't forget my favorite: Thai ice tea. The prices are a little higher than what you'd see at a take out restaurant at home, but far cheaper than a lot of Seoul's more famous dine-in Thai restaurants. Plus, portion sizes are quite big so unless you're starving, you could probably share one dish between two people or get two meals out of each dish.

A view into the kitchen

As any take out restaurant should be, it's pretty tiny, even the kitchen is small. You can eat here, and actually, I usually do, it's a bit of a squeeze to come with more than 3 friends. The other great and terrible thing here is that everything is made from scratch so, things take a little while to make. Usually dishes come out one at a time. Great for sharing food, but if you're a typical American who expects all dishes to come out at once you could be disappointed.

The whole seating area

Thai Ice Tea

Red Curry

Pad Thai

Lad Nah

Tapioca and Corn

The past two times I've visited, I've been lucky enough to get some "service". "Service" here meaning free deserts. The desert above is a corn tapioca pudding, not terribly sweet but a nice after dinner touch. Below is a carrot cake (!!!). One of the Thai staff members spent some time living in the states and learned to make this... it was the best cake I've had since living in Korea... I tried making one a few weeks later, but it wasn't nearly as moist as this one and my frosting wasn't nearly so cream cheesy as this one.

The most amazing carrot cake EVER

-->Chang Su Rin is operated by an all-Thai staff which speak both English and Korean. Menus are also available in both Korean and English. Order in person or by phone.

Chang Su Rin
194-15 Huam-dong (55 Duteopbawi-ro)
Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Hours: 11am-10pm daily

The closest subway station to Chang Su Rin is Sookmyung Women's University. From exit 2, walk straight for 400 meters. Chang Su Rin is on your left at the four-way intersection. Chang Su Rin is also easily accessible from Haebangchon as well. Walk down the back side of Haebangchon all the way down to the bottom of the hill. Take a left at the rotary and walk to the four-way intersection. Chang Su Rin is on the right after crossing the road.

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  1. It’s good that you found a good and easily accessible Thai resto. And I probably wouldn’t care if it costs a little bit more if it means larger servings and…FREE DESSERTS! Do you think they still give this “service?” I hope I can also find a great Thai resto near my place. Cheers to delicious and mouthwatering Thai cuisine!

  2. I have gotten this "service" desert 3 times now, but of course, only when I've eaten in, not for take out. I'm sure they don't offer it every day of course, but I've been lucky. I usually go on Saturdays...

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