Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alpensia Ski Resort

Alpensia is Korea's newest ski resort, just opened as recently as the 2009/2010 ski season. Because of its location, literally just around the corner from one of the top ski resorts in the country, Alpensia is easily overlooked. With just a mere 6 slopes competing for Yongpyong Resort's 31 slopes, it attracts far fewer guests, but it shouldn't be forgotten. Alpensia was a key factor in securing the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang and will be the location for the Olympic village in 2018. Also, Alpensia will host the following Olympic events: Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Biathlon, Cross-country skiing, Luge, Bobsleigh and Skeleton.

A view of the ski jump from the top of Alpensia

This year I was fortunate enough to get a joint Yongpyong and Alpensia ski pass so we now have a little more variety in our ski routine. While Alpensia has one slope for beginners, The biggest draw for me is it's intermediate and advanced slopes. Though they are short runs, the snow is really well managed so the conditions are always great. Few guests means that you have fewer people to run into on the slopes, which folks who have spent a lot of time skiing in Korea can tell you can a serious problem on the weekends at other resorts. Few guests also means no lines at ski lifts and good deals around the base as well. It's cheaper to get your skis waxed and edged here, and we had a huge buffet lunch on Seollal weekend for 11,000 won per person at the Holiday Inn at the base of the mountain.

Night view of Alpensia

Ticket prices here are typical of any resort in Korea, but if you are planning on spending more than 2 days in the area, paying 50,000 won will get you a night-time season pass (only 10,000 won more than the regular one time night-time pass). It's super cheap and a great idea if you like spending your days at Yongpyong, you can just hop over to Alpensia after dinner for a few more quick runs without the crouds of Yongpyong at night. As you can see from the photo above, it's quite empty at night.

 Ski Map of Alpensia (click to enlarge)

 Here you can see a map of the resort. There is one beginner trail, Alpha, three intermediate trails, Bravo, Charlie and Delta, plus two advanced trails Eco and Foxtrot, Foxtrot being the most challenging on the mountain. Yes, it's small, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in all other aspects.

A view of "Delta", one of the intermediate trails

The standard prices for the 2011/2012 ski season are as follows. People who have certain Korean bank cards may be eligible for discounts. Discounts may also be offered for spring skiing in March as well. Skis and boards are also available for rent outside the resort, usually for slightly cheaper rates.

50,000 won
40,000 won
22,000 /24,000 won
16,000/ 20,000 won
65,000 won
48,000 won
26,000/30,000 won
20,000/23,000 won
Afternoon & Night
65,000 won
45,000 won
Day & Night
85,000 won
62,000 won
35,000/40,000 won
26,000/30,000 won

 Though most people are now dreaming about the coming spring, there are still two more months (or more!) left in this ski season. When thinking about your next ski trip, make sure you consider Alpensia as well!


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