Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yongpyong Resort: Yongpyong Hostel

When looking for affordable options for your next Korean ski weekend away, your cheapest option will be Yongpyong Hostel. Located right at the base of the mountain, only a 3 minute walk from the snow it's a perfect location at budget prices. 

The price for a single bunk in the dorms is only 11,000 won per night. While not the most luxurious place on the planet, it's a downright bargain. 

But, for individuals looking for a bunk bed for the night, be sure to arrive early, as they are served on a first come first serve basis. For groups, there are reservations available for bunk bed rooms (large groups) and ondol rooms for groups of 5/12/14 people at very reasonable rates.

Bunk room, 11,000 per night.

The downside to this hostel is the lack of common areas, it's not really a hostel in the way that you imagine from your budget travels abroad. Yongpyong is not a place to socialize, but a place to sleep. This kitchen area is the only common room. It's only available at certain hours of the day and was uncomfortably cold. Though, if you want to cook, they have all the equipment you need. If you want to relax in a more comfortable setting, there are enough restaurants and bars in the Yongpyong resort area that you shouldn't be too bothered by the dull factor of this hostel.

For more info about Yongpyong hostel, check out their English website. While not the most fun place in the world, it sure beats the condo prices at Yongpyong's other accommodation. PS. Ladies, bring some sandals for the bathroom as the floor is very wet and you'll need to walk through some puddles to get to the showers ^^.


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing really useful info about yongpyong hostel. I'm having great difficulty making reservations there though (and I don't speak any Korean). I've sent two emails but received no reply. How did you manage to book yours?

  2. Hi,

    Did you walk in or make a reservation? Because I've tried booking online also, but haven't gotten any reply. Samantha is your reservation successful?

  3. Hey!!! Im looking to go YoungPyoung ski resort this November! Are you able to provide me any information? You went free and easy or tour? What are the rates for Ski-ing?

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