Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yongpyong Resort: Peak Island

This week's installment in my series of posts about Yongpyong resort is about Peak Island. Open year round, this water park/ jjimjilbang/ golf club could be fun to hit up after a long day on the slopes, after a round of golf or as a destination on it's own if you're in the area. 

As with most water parks in Korea, Koreans often choose to wear life vests. 

As it is mainly advertised as a water park, I will introduce this first. While I haven't gotten a chance to actually use the facilities here, we took a stroll around to check out what they had. As it is winter, some of the outdoor facilities are not running, of course (although, others, surprisingly are!). Besides one very large water slide that wraps around the outside of the building, I didn't see anything overly impressive here. As I said, this seems to be a fun side attraction, but I wouldn't come to Yongpyong specifically for the water park or you'll be sorely disappointed.

Lazy River 

Kiddie Pool 

 Wave pool?

But, as I said, we didn't really get into the water park, just walked around to check it out. Where we did go was the jjimjilbang on the top floor. You need to pay an additional fee to rent the tee shirt and shorts necessary to get into the jjimjilbang.

Common area of the jjimjilbang

As with all jjimjilbangs, there is a large common area where people lounge around. The only thing special that I found here was that you can borrow Changi and Baduk games to play for free. So, after we finished in the baths and saunas we played a few rounds. You may notice that the red side is missing two horses. The set we found was missing the red horses, but it was ok. The boyfriend still beat me both times even without them.

Changi (Chinese Chess)

Now, on to the saunas! While I didn't find anything here to be any more special than any other normal jjimjilbang, one fun thing was the outside sauna. While not nearly as hot as some other saunas like this that I've been in, it was just fun to walk to it outside. It was really refreshing to walk out from the piping hot room into the ice cold air. The other saunas available were the typical charcoal sauna, salt sauna and clay sauna. There's nothing really noteworthy here about it, so I'll spare you the descriptions. But, it's a nice time if you're at the water park anyway and want to take a rest after all your fun in the water park. 

Outdoor sauna

For current information on prices, see Peak Island's official website. They don't have an English verstion, unfortunately, but you can use a translator to figure it out if you can't read it.

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