Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Screen Golf

Ok, very quick post. I've always been curious about the whole screen golf thing. I'm not a golfer, but I seem to get dragged into golf thigns way too often because of my boyfriend. Friday night my boyfriend met his friend for a round of screen golf. I stopped by for a while to say hello before hitting the sack early because of a work retreat Saturday morning. This is what it's all about:

Here is the practice screen. You hit a real ball with your own clubs (or the clubs provided) into a cloth screen projecting a driving range. The computer can show you all sorts of things that I don't understand about your swing, including a video image of your actual swing so you can see for yourself.

Once you've had your fill of practice, you can go to the actual (virtual) golf course. You can pick from various real courses from around the world of varying difficulty. Then you play your game.

Mystery solved.

p.s. Sorry lefties, you're out of luck here. A co-worker of mine was very distressed by this detail...

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  1. I have always wondered about those. There's a screen golf thingy on the 5th floor of my apartment.