Saturday, June 7, 2008

Korean Dramas

While I've been watching Korean dramas here and there for the past few years, I finally just started watching one on YouTube from the beginning. This is much easier for me than trying to catch them when they are on AZN (Asian channel, at least here in Boston) since I'm not very good at sitting down every day at the same time for a program, and I am not quite technologically advanced/ rich enough for TiVo or DVR or whatever it is people are using nowadays. I do wish I could remember the names of some of the other ones I was watching on TV a while ago.. they were good, and I never saw how they ended.

I'm trying to use this to learn some Korean. So far.. it's not really working.. every once in a while I can pick out a word, but beyond that I'm still a dunce. Maybe I should start hitting the books again.. I've been so lazy with my Korean studies lately. You'd think having my visa in my hand would motivate me to start practicing more. (btw, I got my visa today, and it is very nice looking. My pic isn't on it, but its much fancier than my Chilean visa.)

How are Korean dramas (or soap operas if you like) different from American ones? Well, the thing I like best, is that they don't go on for 20 years... or however long All My Children or General Hospital have been on the air for. Who can keep track? I'm no expert by any means on Korean soaps, I'm just getting into them, right now, but it seems that they tend to only last for a season or two. Thats a big plus in my book. I'm not patient enough to watch 10 seasons of a show.

I also think that Korean soap operas are a little more innocent. From what I've seen so far, no one is pregnant with their best friends husband's sister's brother's child, or having an affair with their son's Spanish teacher. . But there are still plenty of jealous women and rivalries and all the sort of stuff that makes dramas so addicting.

Here's the one I'm watching now. It's called All About Eve. My friend Jennie suggested it to me. It's not bad. Worth checking out.

for this episode and more, click here

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  1. You should watch "My Girl"- It was ridiculously funny and cute.