Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jeju Guide: Jungmun area part 1: Jungmun Beach

 Jungmun Beach seems to be a very popular place with foreigners and Koreans alike. I saw more (western) foreigners here than I did on any other part of the island. But I can see why. Beautiful views, world class hotels, a great beach where you can actually surf and a location very close to Seogwipo, the second largest city in Jeju.
 Here you can see us sitting on the 쉬리 (shwiri) bench. It sounds more to me like the "shitty bench" when you say it quickly, but there's nothing shitty about it. It's a bench made famous from a movie filmed here a while ago and people make a point to come by and sit in this bench and look over the ocean from here when they visit this spot. It's located near the Shilla Hotel, high on the cliffs above the beach.

As you make your way down to the beach, you may come across some of these guys. Harubang are protectors and gods of fertility on Jeju.

 Now for the beach! Yup, it's a nice beach, with lots of waves!

 The weather was actually just warm enough for me to get in. And the water temperature was not very cold at all. It was quite enjoyable.

 There were quite a number of surfers in the water. I can't vouch for how good the surfing is, but by the number of people trying to surf it must mean it's good enough. I didn't see many people getting up on their boards though.

 A view from above of Jungmun Beach. Be sure to stop by, especially if you're a beach lover.

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