Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hi Seoul Festival Closing Events

After visiting the Amsa Prehistoric Village, we made our way over to Banpodaegyo bridge (the rainbow water bridge) where they had stopped traffic on the lower deck of the bridge for pedestrians and were holding a final "non-verbal performance" to the side of the bridge in the Hangang park.

We really got there in time just to see the final act, we though it would go much later than 7:30, since the bridge would be closed until 10pm. But, that final act was quite spectacular to say the least. A combination of a huge Traditional Korean music group plus a French drumming group which performed suspended from a crane with an acrobat over their heads.

 It felt like a wild party with everyone going nuts on their respective drums when the drummers descended from their lofty position in the sky and joined the Korean drummers. Awesome vibes all around.

I hope you had the chance to check out the Hi Seoul Festival for at least one day over the past week or so. It was a really great chance to see performing acts from Korea and all over the world. If you're interested in other events from Hi Seoul Festival, check out my last post on the subject as well.

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