Friday, March 21, 2014

Part Time Cooks: Hip-Hop Performance in Seoul 3/28/2014

I'd just like to put up a little add for a friend of mine here in Seoul. My friend Blessing, who goes by the name Black Moss has formed a new group called Part Time Cooks. Their style is somewhere between hip hop and jazz. I've heard a few of their songs and I think they should definitely be worth checking out.

Here's the info for their upcoming show:

Here are some samples of some of the group members' music. They've all got pretty nice sound to them.

If I've piqued your interest, see the map below for directions to the show:

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  1. HI 조안나.
    Thank for your Georgia posting. They are just perfect for us. We've arrived Tbilisi abt 10 days ago, (me-who left Korea abt 7 years for different different countries) and my huby who happened to be Belarusian. ;))) and sooo excited to discover this new amazing country.
    It it amazing coincidence that we have so many common things such as living(or used live) in Korea, stayed(staying) Georgia, fan of Tibet culture, and even Climbing!!!

    Thank for your posting. )