Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wild Korean Textbook: 2nd Edition

The second edition of our textbook has been published on and is available for purchase there with worldwide shipping! The first edition is still widely available in bookstores around Korea!

Wild Korean: A Fieldguide to Real Korean Conversation

This book is best for
1. Advanced beginners who want to study more expressions, grammar and vocabulary.
2. Intermediate students who want to study conversational Korean or brush up on their Korean language skill.
3. Students who are sick of boring Korean textbooks.
4. People who want to know how real Korean people speak every day, not clumsy, overly-formal textbook language.

Buy it:

*Kyobo Online* (1st ed. only)

** (1st ed. w/ free international shipping)

Kyobo Bookstores around Korea (1st ed. only)


At the Hangul Kongbubang (Level 2 class)

ISBN-13: 978-1484804872
ISBN-10: 1484804872


  1. Awesome that you guys have come up with the 2nd edition! Where and when will it be available in Korea?

  2. Well, you can order it on Amazon and have it delivered here, however, we still have over 100 copies of the 1st ed. we need to sell before we can release the 2nd edition!! Korean textbooks don't sell very quickly... We're also in the process of making an e-book, but we're probably still a few months away from that though...