Monday, August 20, 2012

Random things in NYC

 The Late Show!

With the exception of a Broadway show and a little night life, most of my trip to NYC consisted of random wanderings around the city. Which is fine by me, it's my favorite way to explore a city and it was nice to walk around after being carted around for long bus rides from city to city. Here are a few of the things I found along the way. 

 Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park

 Not so great photo of an amazing tap. All tasty, local beers with knife handles on the taps.

Graffiti outside my friend's apartment in Brooklyn

Morgan Ave Metro Station. Wish I had gotten a better photo of the subway mosaics... they were fantastic! 

Back of St. Patrick's Cathedral

 Dominican Parade

 Hershey's store in Times Square

 Walter Kerr Theater where we watched Clyborne Park

Grand Central Station 

Ceiling of Grand Central

Helicopter landing by the Hudson River

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