Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse and other news..

There was an 80% solar eclipse viewable in Seoul today. I took the kids outside to see it. Our director bought various colors of thin plastic, and our assistant teachers made the kids some "glasses" with it. It was fun. That's all about that.

But, finally my replacement is here. Fornax class has been ultra rambunctious having a new teacher coming, and Jupiter class has been remarkably well behaved. That's the complete opposite of usual. I hope she's not completely scared by them.

Today I cleaned my desk off, since I'll have to switch desks again (for the 3rd time). I can't move yet, though, since the desk I'm moving to is still quite inhabited by another teacher and there's no room for me yet...

I'm getting really excited for Bali. I'm leaving on Sunday and I'll be back late at night on the following Sunday, August 2nd. Expect lots and lots of photos and hopefully lots of good stories too.

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