Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best Cafe in the City

You wouldn't expect to find the most amazing pizza, coffee, salad, and smoothies all in the same place, would you? Nor would you expect to find it in a little known (yet becoming a big hub) part of the city called Wangsimni. But, yet, it's there. Who would have thought?

Part of the menu.. hope it's readable, the lighting wasn't very good here for photography...

A tiny hole-in-the-wall known as La Caffe in Lemon Plaza has all that and more. In a relaxing atmosphere with soothing Jazz or New Age music lightly playing in the background, you're invited to indulge. This Cafe has an excellent choice of coffee, or so I've been told, since I don't drink coffee. From what I hear, most coffee in Korea is quite poor to say the least. But here, the barristas compete every year in barrista competitions... and even win, so you know that they know a good brew when they smell one.

What? Fair Trade coffee in Korea? No way!

The smoothies here are my weakness. On those stressful days teaching preschool, I was here several times a week ordering "Banana Monkey Shakes" or "Blueberry Shakes" or Green Tea Shakes" or "Mocha Shakes".

Once or twice a month, my co-workers and I from Seongdong used to get dinner or lunch here. My favorite combination was the Caprese salad (with amazing, fresh mozzarella, belive it or not) and one of their amazing thin crust pizzas. My preferred choice usually being the Aglio pizza or the Pomodorini pizza.
Aglio Pizza

Now that I've convinced you all of the amazingness of this place, you need to visit. From Exit 9, turn 180˚ and walk down the main road in the Hanyang University Direction. After walking for about 2 minutes, you'll see a park on your right. Pass the park and turn right at the first street. Walk for about 1 more minute and you'll see a large building with many different businesses on the left side of the road. This building has a LotteMart, SLP and Olympiad among many others. Enter this building on the far end, not near the supermarket. La Caffe will be on the 1st floor, across from a hairdresser. The owner speaks near perfect English, though much of the staff doesn't speak much English at all. Though, they are well accustomed to foreign clientele, as there are SLP and Olympiad hagwons in the building as well. Also note, they are usually closed on Mondays.

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  1. Nice post! You're lucky to have worked in a building with such fine dining options ;) I ate cafeteria food for two years (blech).