Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A very Potter halloween!

Professor Dumbledore, though he looks as though he's shaved for this photo...

Ready to ride the Hogwarts Express (they must be first years, they look a bit nervous)
Tackling Platform 9 3/4. Hedwing looks ready...
Hagrid tring to rescue the Weasly car from the Whompping Willow

Snape's classroom, ready for potions Class

The Weasly car is still up in the tree...

Olivander's Wand Shop

Snape and Belatrix Lestrange at work in Potions class

Malfoy, Harry Potter and Ron with the school shield

Bonus: Fornax and Jupiter (my old preschoolers) all dressed up. My favorite is Zorro in the front...


  1. lol, those are awesome costumes, looks like so much fun!

  2. Someone put in a lot of work on that! Looks really good!

  3. That's fantastic! Your students must have had a blast!